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You have an awesome story, with lots of adventure. It sounds like all of your hard work and risk taking really payed off in the long run. It is very admirable that you made a path for yourself by constantly moving in order to get where you wanted and join the company of your dreams. A large portion of our society sits back and thinks that opportunities will fall into place for them, when in reality, you have to create your own pathway by making choices and taking initiative, which is precisely how you got where you are today.

I envy your life on the road, as it is something I can only dream about accomplishing someday. Do you sometimes feel like traveling can become monotonous, and you would just like to settle and be stationary? I am currently in my 20's and still trying to figure out what i want in life and where I see myself, even in the next couple years. It is comforting to hear that as your explored different places and learned more about yourself, that you have solidified your goals in life and have a better idea of how to balance all aspects of your life, because that is something I am struggling to come to terms with. I also appreciate your words of advice, to "commit" because committing is the only way to move forward...with anything.

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