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The fact that you are able to continue to follow your passion for dance and still manage to make a living by finding other avenues to stay involved in the arts community is awesome. I like the idea that you view your work as an “investment in the growth of one another”. You have had the opportunity to work and perform with some amazing dancers and choreographers, which is very admirable. Was it a hard transition to jump into African dance after previous training in other forms of dance?
You mentioned that the longest portion of your performance career was with Urban Bush Women. What would you say was the most valuable experience that you took away from working with that company? I love that fact that you find strength through God’s will and carry that with you as a person and an artist, because it is important to have faith and sometimes in the midst of things, I tend to lose sight of that. I appreciate your honesty and the advice you have for all dancers. Best of luck with INSPIRIT Dance Company.

Kaitlyn Glenn

I really enjoyed reading about your experiences and what you have accomplished as a dancer. I found it extremely motivating and beautiful that you trusted God and followed the path he gave you. It must have been amazing to work with all of the companies you have danced for! What did you gain most from working with each one?
It put a smile on my face reading about INSPIRIT and Project BECOMING. That is a wonderful thing you are doing and I wish you the best with continuing. I found your advice for young dancers very true and inspiring. It's sometimes hard to stay true to yourself. I also found it inspiring how you said to "create your own standards for success" because sometimes I can get lost in frustration when not being able to reach someone else's standards. Thank you so much for sharing about yourself, it was enjoyable to read.


You’ve accomplished so much in your career and the many fields of dance. It was interesting to read your original plan was teaching and you eventually found your way into performing. It was truly inspiring to read you had no formal training in African dance and were able to successfully receive a job with Chuck Davis! I love your outlook on always saying yes to a job or an opportunity to dance.

I am currently working towards a teaching certification within the dance department at my university and have never seen myself performing once graduated. Your ability to perform, teach, and create your projects INSPIRIT and BECOMING have opened my eyes to the possibilities out there once graduated. My path in the future may not be what I have planned at the moment. However, in order to grow, I must take each opportunity to its fullest advantage. Thanks so much for sharing your story!

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