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jenna van sant

1. Why modern dance? Why now?
Modern dance is a free form and goes against the basic form of dance. Why now because everything is evolving and modern dance is changing and being created in new forms each day.

2. What is timeless? Universal?
Timeless is no limit. Forever continuing and never coming to an end. Universal is worldwide.

3. What will move someone?
Emotions are known to move people. If you hit their weak point, they will open up or if you talk about something sentimental someone may be moved. Also, on the other hand, doing something good such as charity will help move people. You can crack a criminal if you give them a chance.

4. What will inspire?
Being inspired isn’t hard. For me personally, people and situations inspire me. When something happens in life, I tend to hold it inside and rethink about what happened and life from it.

5. Why will someone attend the show?
Someone would attend a dance show because they are interested in the art form or typically family members are performing.

6. What will an audience member walk away with?
Audiences will take a way an experience of a life time. People will have a greater respect towards dance.

7. What is the power of simplicity?
The power of simplicity is freedom.

8. What is the power of virtuosity?

9. What is virtuosity? 
Virtuosity is being very talented in a certain field

10. What is your intention?
My intention is to enlighten people on the ideas of dance.

11. What draws the audience in?
The music choice is what draws the audience in.

12. How do you create magic?
With each step/ movement created.

13. Why share?
To share the message and importance of dance to those who do not have any understanding of it.

14. What is your dream of the audience?
For the audience to appreciate the performance.

15. What is the dream of the audience?
The dream of the audience is to be inspired and entertained.

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