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Laurence F. Johnson Sr.

Dear Keith ,

I am so proud of you . Your artistic and athletic talent was evident from birth and brings back so many memories of that truth.We could go on for hours.You learned a valuable lesson in life when you discovered that " you can never be a loser by falling down,put down or knocked down.You are only a loser when you refuse to get up."

Take Care, God Bless and wishing you further successes,
Love, Dad

Laura Johnson

Dear Kiki,

You have been my mentor and inspiration, favorite delite and joy since I can remember, and frankly always will be. I may have not seen all your works and pieces but rest assure I understand their depth and value, perfection and human touch. You are an amazining and a huge sparkling lit spirit which I have been so lucky to have in my life. I know your deep, dark, intense sacrificies and ultra perfection and can never ever deny it. My brother....you are brilliant and gifted and soooo loved by many many many. Meet me in the front yard, we can practice and share our understood laughter! So very proud. Love, Your Sassle McFrissle

Rick Curtis


What a great story of seeking and finding one's passion. Hope all is well my friend....

Rick Curtis

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