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Ashley Boyack

Donna, I loved reading your story. What a tremendous example you have been in my life. I dearly love you and treasure the many classes I had with you. My fondest years dancing were at the U. I loved every moment!!! I never wanted to miss ever, because my professors inspired every part of who I was. I always say, I was There when it was the BEST! Thank you for loving and shaping who I am.

Phyllis Haskell Tims

Thank you, Jill, for this wonderful post and all the others...wonderful, interesting work. Donna, Thank you for all the lovely comments and appreciation. Our lives have intertwined in so many ways for so many years and mine has been richer for that. I have loved watching your path from child dancer, to artist, to university administrator and have loved dancing with you all through that journey.

tandy beal

Thanks Jill and Thanks Donna!

How stunning to sit down and live back in to time with you Donna and all the vivid memories of art and friends and adventures and the stunning serendipity of it all. Wonderful to feel the full dimensions and reverberations of relationships and inspirations.

How grateful we are to have walked along the path by your side so many times....Here is to even more adventures and discoveries! (and fun!)

love and more love, tandy

jon scoville

Donna, It's a real treat to read what is, in essence, the outline of a life. And such a full and rich one. Your role in my own life -- both in the program at the university and in the joy and chaos of Tandy's company -- has always been large and nourishing. I have been truly fortunate to work with you with classes, music, family, and laughter. Big Hugs, Jon

Kathleen Nowell King

Dear Donna! a whole lot of dittos to start! But in the spirit of creativity , must say you are a force!!! And someone who generously gives others encouragement and belief in their unique gifts...love you always... even when time is the space between us...Kathleen
PS what's next? a creative reunion?!

elizabeth brody

I loved your classes (and Abby's too) and I learned a lot from Ken--in lighting dance as well.
Your story is an inspiration --I didn't realize how young you were in 1982-1983!!
-elizabeth brody

Ruby White

Go mom go!! You are my biggest well of inspiration. I love you to the moon and back.

Wendy Thompson

Donna, You were my first modern instructor freshman year 1979 and you taught me how to be a student, a disciplined dancer and eventually a teacher. A model of open-minded curiosity, you are the quintessential life-long learner for me and your lessons still come to mind in my classrooms today. Congratulations on a professional life so well lived.
Wendy Thompson BFA'83, MFA '91.


Donna, I have come to this story late. How generous and warm you have been to our history together. You paint a beautiful landscape around our passion.....DANCE. Yes, those early years were magical. We, all of us, were so fortunate to create new worlds of possibility. I have lived through all of this along with you and Ken and then Ruby and Ian. I just think we were fortunate to be born and to have lived during these glorious years.

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