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Megha Nancy Buttenheim

Absolutely wonderful story. Pam Quinn is a modern day hero. I know whereof I speak: I danced with her in high school and have followed her amazing career since 1978. Her video is gorgeous: whenever I need inspiration, I go back an look at it again. Her students and colleagues are blessed to have her in their lives.

Carol Henderson

I danced with Pam at Oberlin College though decided to continue my dance career in Boston rather than move to the West Coast with the ODC. The year I graduated from Oberlin, 1974, the Collective took a wild summer bus tour in an old yellow school bus across the country, stopping to perform in cities along the way--and when we were lucky--to get put up by friends along the way. Real beds, fresh towels, showers! Bliss Otherwise we lived in the bus and some of us drove in shifts around the clock. We were quite a crew: the dancers, our photographer, our musician, and our leader Brenda Way, with her three children. What a magical mystery tour.
I eventually left dance and lost touch with Pam until a few years ago when she was offering a PD dance workshop and lecture at Wake Forest University in North Carolina, not far from where I live. What a glorious reunion. Pam is magnificent--always has been--and she's a beacon for so many.
Several decades ago, I turned from dancing to writing and now use her videos as writing prompts in workshops I lead for people living with chronic illness. Her determination and grace and vibrant honesty have inspired and given hope to dozens of my writing students who are living with illness--and to many more who aren't.

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