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Karen Mathews

We were so lucky to have her at New World School of the Arts!

Phyllis Haskell Tims

Wise, honest, inspirational, and insightful...well written. Thank you.

Peter DiMuro

Gerri is the shared inspiration of thousands who took their next steps in her classes, in her works. But that she made so many of us feel that we were uniquely special - to her, to the dance world- is part of her magic. I wasn't the most likely candidate to succeed in the dance world but felt her gifts of solid technique and approach to a dance life, as well as her example of contributing to this world in ways uniquely one's own, allowed me my next and then next and then next steps there after....She is pretty much a goddess.

Devon Kelly

I was fortunate enough to be taught by the fabulous Gerri Houlihan at Florida State University. She has an incredible spirit and zest for life unlike anyone I have ever met. She made dance a true joy for her students. We all looked forward to every class and rehearsal with Gerri because we knew how rewarding it would be. I am so happy to hear about Gerri's next endeavors and love to know she is being guided by her passion for the arts and movement! What an inspiration she is and a wonderful reminder to follow your heart and KEEP DANCING!

With love,
Devon Kelly

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