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Ruben graciani

University of New Mexico - MFA in Dance

Suzanne Callahan

In 2012 my consulting firm, Callahan Consulting for the Arts, did a study for the Mellon Foundation that addressed this question. A summary of the study is here: http://www.forthearts.org/publications/choreography-report. The full report is on the Mellon website here: https://mellon.org/media/filer_public/d8/7c/d87c5b26-bd0f-4f25-ae37-4ca7e3afd2f4/callahanconsulting_choreographictrainingfullreport_oct2014.pdf
At the time of the study, based on data from the Dance Magazine College Guide, there were 31 MFA programs. The full list is in Appendix B on pages 74-77. You may wish to compare it to your list.

Suzanne Callahan

Here's a better link to the overview of the study on the website of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. https://mellon.org/resources/news/articles/choreography-united-states-comparative-study-training-and-support-systems/

Emily Wright

Belhaven University in Jackson, Mississippi - MFA in Dance


University of Florida
University of Mississippi

Liam Clancy

University of California, San Diego

Jill Homan Randall

Hello. I just added UC San Diego to the list. My research does not show that U of Florida has an MFA in dance at the moment:

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