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Jenn Allen, SBDP fan and lifelong dancer

Beautiful with deep impact. I had tears from so many moments - being moved with joy. sorrow, nostalgia. It was a perfect marriage of music and intent. Thank you for this.

Randy Bush; craftsman, artist, Sarah's dad.

Loved it.
Wonderful, moving performance. Personal and universal in ways that draw the audience into the action; or more accurately, moves the action into each individual.
Hats off to the whole crew. Wow.

Esther Dolowich

Very deeply moving and inspiring. Each dancer was so unique in her movements and expressions. I loved the intergenerational aspect and how all the women supported each other, emotionally and physically. Thank you for your brilliance. The finale was completely uplifting.

Jeanne Sutter

An amazing evening that moved me beyond words...and I want to express my appreciation for the creativity and artistic genius of Sarah Bush. The selection and seamless transitions of the dancers,costumes, props, music, and themes were a real work of art. The performance was uplifting, empowering, authentic, and beautifully expressed "HOME" in its many dimensions.

Posted by: Jeanne Sutter, minister, art and dance enthusiast, family friend

Elisa Smith

I literally shed a tear watching this performance. It was that powerful and moving. The choreography was wonderful and the dancers really brought it to life. 10 out of 10 for me. ❤️

Jim Tobin

My favorite section was the live, moving and then freezing photographs created by all the dancers around the table. And what better place to create such images - then a table. Almost like a kitchen table. A living room table. My gosh - a family table. I could watch that scene over and over again. And what better compliment can one give a dancer(s) then to be willing to rush back and see the same work again?? None better in my book. I also loved finding out that the family photos were from all the performers and not just one person. Now that's pretty neat .... congratulations to all and Sarah's leadership and design.....

Midge Fox

I loved the blending of dancers’ ages and body types. That said so many things - this group could represent a multi-generational family, or a single individual over time. Going away, returning home.
In another sense, this combination could speak to everyone in the audience in that we could imagine ourselves up there (if we could only dance). We’re not just watching beauties half, a third or a quarter of our age.
Additionally, the music took me back and forward in time, reminding me of what I was doing or where I was when a particular song was popular. I’m thinking specifically of “Little Boxes.” At that time I was in Berkeley, hitchhiking because my car was dead & I had to get to work. Malvina Reynolds gave me a ride only I didn’t know it was she until I was getting out of her car and she gave a 45 record (who remembers those?) of “Little Boxes.” So many other memories of that time.
Thank you Sarah for your evocative work not to mention your general wonderful-ness.

Cici Malin

I laughed out loud and cried many times throughout this performance. When Sarah began pulling the framed photos out of the suitcase and lovingly placed them each on the piano, I thought to myself "This is going to be different than any show I've ever seen".
Cici Malin

Jill Randall

Thank you Sarah and collaborators for a beautiful, heartfelt evening last night. I was so glad to be there. I got to experience the last night of the performance run -

My experience was informed by two recent things that I wanted to mention.

I recently got to see Beth Wilmurt's cabaret production "Olga, A Farewell Concert" at Aurora Theater Company. (http://www.auroratheatre.org/olga) Beth created a special "playlist" just like Sarah did in Homeward - telling a story through the selections but not in a linear way. I loved seeing this play out in Sarah's work as well. Lyrics pop out and resonate in new ways....taking on new meanings and new explorations.

Second, since we all connect to our personal lives when seeing art in front of us....I came to Sarah's show after a weekend away with longtime friends. We spent many hours close together around their table. Dinner tables hold so much meaning and metaphor for us, and I really appreciated all of the ways that Sarah and cast danced on, over, and under the table. (I also loved the use of the chairs...)

Movementwise - what a stellar cast of 6 dancers. Each person was vibrant, subtle, and strong. Thank you for your presence and wholehearted commitment.

Jill Randall, Artistic Director of Shawl-Anderson Dance Center

Barbara Hamilton-Holway

In Homeward Sarah Bush and her dancers have given us tenderness, laughter, delight, poignancy, power, the uplifting beauty of a variety of ages and body types moving together. At the close of the show we received the surprise of a young child joining the generations and the joyous energy of stomping and clapping. Homeward stirred memories and longings for relationship, for meaning, for home. Such a feast of choreograpy - a glorious blend of music, drama, and dance! Thank you!

Bruce Hamilton

You made a grown man cry. Tears of joy, tears of hope.


What Bruce said, except, grown woman. :)

I was so moved - moved through reflections on so many relationships and feelings in my own life. I am grateful for the time and inspiration. I loved being drawn into the relationships on stage, LOVED the inter-generational, diverse, beautiful dancers, and experienced such sweetness, sorrow, longing, hope. So appreciated what felt like naked honesty from the dancers. Saw Clarissa's installation, Being Seen, and loved that as well. So, so grateful.

Lucia August

I came away with my heart VERY FULL.

There were large tears in my eyes when Joan came out on stage for her solo. So validating as a dancer with grey hair to see other grey-haired dancers on stage.

Thank you, Sarah!

Ann DiFruscia

Loved the full-on physicality of all of the dancers. The dance installations in the small studios were haunting and dreamlike. Almost surreal. Could have them endlessly. Each dancer was captivating. Sound score was truly fabulous. Things that really popped out for me in the large work was Sarah and Jeni's duet (exquisite) on the stool, as well as Clarissa's couch solo and duet with Julie (playful and tender). The deeply engaged and embodied movements and connections between and amongst the dancers was breathtaking! Thank you Sarah, Joan, Sue, Julie, Jeni and Clarissa!

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