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Phyllis Tims

Lovely! Shirley and Joan taught me so much about dance, art, and life. They gave so many of us a brilliant example of fearless female leadership.
Phyllis Haskell Tims

tandy beal

Love feeling Shirley's voice here... I took class from her when I was all of 16...in Park City....she and Joan gave and give so so much to me... and to so many others... the zest for life underpinning all the other gifts! THANK YOU SHIRLEY...thank you Jill for doing this blog! lovelovelove, tandy

Joan J Woodbury

This was great to read It reminded me that Shirley and I have spent at least two or three lifetimes together and each one has been fabulous. She is a remarkable person,friend, improviser, choreographer, cook, gardener, decorator, teacher, mentor, lobbyist, writer, mother, grandmother, wit, pencil drawing diddler, an icon for contemporary dance in our generation, and in general an amazing human being. I have been so lucky to have had the opportunity to spent the bulk of my career with her.
Thanks for the memories kiddo.

Wendy Thompson

Shirley, I think of you daily as I continue to encourage children in the public schools to dance. Your passion, zest, and humor influence me to this day
Wendy Thompson

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