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Jill Randall

Thank you Cathy and dancers for a beautiful performance Saturday night.

Dance as community gathering
Dance as celebration
Dance as storytelling
Dance as visibility
Dance as power

I loved the arc of the evening and how each piece pulled me in a bit more. I think the section with Catalina and Rogelio dancing on the boxes, performing ballet folklorico footwork, was the apex for me. That moment represented so much to me - a moment of exhaustion, endurance, power, and elegance all in one.

The last section was quite magical as well in the long white skirts, male and female dancers alike. A true swirl of tradition and contemporary aesthetics.

Thank you.

KJ Dahlaw

Such uplifting work! I saw pride. And joy. And celebration in the face of injustice. Brought me to tears more than once. So grateful for this work. Thank you.

Dana Lawton

Deeply embodied dancing!


Congratulations on a wonderful, joyful and gorgeous show. It felt like such a great reflection of who you are: colorful, warm, engaging and accessible.

The thing that struck me most about the piece was how the dancers related to each other - that they made eye contact, responded with smiles and connection, that the audience was similarly engaged with, so we felt the emotional exchange throughout the piece. In so much of the dance I see, there's an almost robotic element to the performance, like there aren't people moving, that the movement is more important than the humanity behind it. I felt the opposite with your show, which was wonderful.


The play of light and shadow seemed to create another set of dancers whirling in time with the performers, the liminal becomes tangible as the mundane becomes otherworldly.

Ashwin Srinivasan

I thought the performance was moving, beautiful, and full of positive vibes. It had a kind of genius that few people are capable of creating on stage, and the music was perfectly curated and the dance was perfectly choreographed. No one who saw this production could have walked away feeling that dance as an art is removed from the 'every-man': there was so humanity, beauty, and love embodied in the way the artists performed and carried themselves on stage, reflecting the dignity that we as human beings believe we all have, but that we seldom are able to capture in our every-day lives as beautifully as this show managed to showcase.

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