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Ann DiFruscia

Beautifully written Val! So proud of my kindred dance sisters (most of whom I've known since the 80s), who continue to move with a wealth of heart, mind, & soul earned from living life fully and deeply. Sorry I wasn't able to participate in or see the performance from Vicky's workshop.
That said, I did have the opportunity (thru Liv Schaffer) to show sections of a work-in-progress that Liv is developing and creating with a combination of USF students, community dancers, and her professional dance company at a CHIME feedback session with both Margie Jenkins and Vicky Shick. Liv is one of three dance artists who received the CHIME mentorship award w/Margie Jenkins this year. An award that Liv is most deserving and worthy. And it was in that context that I got a small but potent impression of Vicky Shick and her process. She has a quiet, understated nature that seems intrinsically connected to her muses. With that, she delivered thoughtful and questioning feedback, while Margie's feedback was pointed and pragmatic. Both mentors were generous and gracious, and their words and time was meaningful and appreciated.
I am thrilled and honored to be part of Liv Schaffer's intergenerational work (Dance Generators) which she directs as an Adjunct Faculty member at the University of San Francisco. Her work encourages us to do some deep-dive exploration, discovery, and willingness to stay open to all possibilities. It is rigorous, challenging, human, and important work. Liv thrives on intuition, uncertainty, investigation, and trust. She invites wonder where words like: "competition", "right", "wrong" have no meaning or value. She provides countless opportunities to share our work both in community and onstage in upcoming performances at Ruth's Table, SF Village, University of SF, and Liv's full-length works at Shawl-Anderson Dance Center at the end of May! Check out this amazing artist and her body of work to reveal art that is vital, powerful, tender, and intoxicating!

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