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Jill Randall

reaching, circling
head dive
spiral down

I really enjoyed seeing The Healer Friday night from home.
Thank you RAWdance and collaborators.

Thank you for holding onto the integrity for the vision of the work - complete with costumes, set, original score, and lighting design - all in the beautiful ODC Theater. The videotaping of the performance was wonderful, and I loved the close up moments especially.

Watching The Healer, nearly a year into the pandemic, brought new meaning to "unison movement." Last night I experienced unison as coming together - at the same time, in the same place. Common actions, common embodiment. Feeling together; being together.

I appreciated all of the choreography, but wanted to note Michaela Cruze's solo in particular. There was a vulnerability with this solo being performed in close proximity to the other 3 cast members. It amplified the idea of "witnessing others’ experiences." I loved feeling Cruze's sense of joy and elation within this solo phrase.

I made a few notes while watching last night, including:
calm elegance

Thank you RAWdance for the strong performance and reminding me of the healing power of the body, of movement, of creativity, and of sharing experiences together, whether in person or virtually.

Alex McClure

Gorgeous, exquisite dancing
Calming and healing feeling
Gorgeous lighting and set
Lovely colors
Sensory elements made me feel included in the experience and in the space.
Beautifully filmed
I so appreciated seeing dance in the theater not just in people’s homes
Might have liked more close-up shots as those would have made me feel more like I was really in the room with you all.
Well done. Loved it!

Janine Cazares

It just flowed. I felt uplifted after the experience which I didn't expect from an online performance. I wish I had participated in the sensory experience with the suggested items but I bought my ticket at the last minute so didn't see that. What a unique idea-to make the experience not just for the eyes but for the other senses as well.

Pamela Kramer

A visceral experience.
Felt connected to the dancers and their energy and power.

So prescient that this was conceived in 2019 for an early 2021 audience.

Beautiful, fresh work that transcends cultures and screens, creating the kind of human, artistic experience we are all pining for.


Integrated, well-crafted audience participation opportunity with mailed sensory package, and/or suggested sensory elements.

A thoughtful, conscientious, generous sharing of the presentation and digital platform with opening context of how the work came to be, a special guest introduction and grounding, and post-screening facilitated dialogue and closing.

Many sincere touchpoints to be welcomed in to the creativity and research inquiry.


ensemble interconnectedness, from fingertip to nose tip.

quick changes of direction.

nimble spines.


Connected, joy, ritual, surrender, resistance, breath, relief.

A reminder to appreciate each moment and to activate all the senses to experience life fully.

Investigating how energy flows through the body, the air, the floor, between people.

Amy Miller

The Healer reminded me to take a intentional breath, drink some nourishing tea, shake my body to enliven from within and search for more ways to ‘move’ within myself and alongside others now as always. The epic and hard-won work of ‘choreographing’ the logistics of a bubble residency experience in a pandemic radiated off this performance at every moment. The gratefulness to be dancing in space with one another alongside an exquisite score, organic set + costumes and support from somatic healers throughout was palpable in the space. Kudos to the visionary Katie Wong and to all for valuing process and simultaneously offering a tangible experience that welcomed each of us to join in on the ongoing reveal of being ourselves..... with each other .....in a big, big beautifully complex world.

Mallory Markham

Remembering, resilience, care, community, offering relief and healing.

I've been processing this work since Saturday and am so deeply touched by The Healer. The piece brought up so many memories of family, of dancing in a big space, of moving and partnering with friends. I found the movement language and concept to be deeply rich and, of course, the dancing was absolutely brilliant. The whole evening felt personal and gave me a sense of home.

Jhia Jackson

Real world + dream world
Everyday + special occasion
Small bits of magic
Time for details
Unique contributions of specific individuals
Not surprised but still amazed at Katie's capacity
Family family family
Enduring relationships

Jennifer Perfilio

I appreciated the journey we were offered... to be brought into the process, the history of the realization of this work, the deification by the collaborators to quarantine and work together in person, the healer that inspired the work (Katie’s aunt), the addition of the pre-show speaker, and the culminating dance, which completed the evenings’ journey with such generosity... the dancers moving both with tenderness and strength. I was moved to feel the power of women healers, and the power of dedicated artists.



I had the awesome opportunity of seeing excerpts of The Healer performed in SF and NYC, before the pandemic. I've been waiting for this premiere for over a year, and what a treat! Not only was the dancing sublime, I could also see the work that went into the production, transforming it for a digital platform. Truly inspired. Congratulations to Katie and the entire RAWdance family for an amazing showing.

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