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Jill Randall

"Diffusion" was so fun and delightful in so many ways today. Much welcomed and needed levity, presence, and 3-dimensionality.

I appreciated the casualness of the event - from Charlie's welcome at the entrance, to walking as a group with friends, colleagues, and fellow audience members, to talking along the way as we moved through the park to see dancing in numerous locations. It was special to be one of 12 coming for the performance, and extra delightful seeing parkgoers interacting with the art.

The dancers were working hard in the choreography, which included jumping, bouncing, running, and balancing - so many moves we took for granted until the pandemic. I loved seeing vibrant movement, exertion, and endurance. I was ready to jump into the choreography too.

I keep coming back to the phrase "soft landings" - literally and metaphorically. The Glen Canyon Park landscape was a soft arena for dancing, and the "Diffusion" show was a soft landing back into our world of artmaking, performance, and engagement. I appreciated the levity, the length of the event, and breaking away from our proscenium formalities.

Thank you Charlie and thank you dancers!

Stephen R Smith

Really enjoyed the performance is an outdoor setting. Clever use of the public spaces for the performance. Hope to have more performances like this in the future.

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